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The Confidence Test

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You are a star. WOW! This is THE TOP score - congratulations, your self-confidence is high across a range of situations. How wonderful. Your light is shining.

Australia needs women with self-confidence. You are one! Australia needs women like you with high self-esteem and a healthy self-concept. You’ve made it! Australia needs women like you who are smart. What a gift of self-confidence you bring to everyone you meet.

Thank you for taking the quiz. We’re thrilled you have top marks. Now is the time to share your success and be a mentor to other women who aren't as confident. Please join in our blogs and tell us how you maintain such optimistic self-confidence: "Confidence techniques at any age", and how you’ve developed your positive self-concept: "A smart woman’s self-concept".

You’re clearly doing so much that is working for you. This is wonderful. It’s especially exciting that you have high levels of self-confidence at work. Research shows that confident women are more likely to be productive, happy, healthy and successful. Your confidence is a real bonus. You are on the ladder of success.

We'd love to have you as part of our Glass Ceiling forum and hear your ideas and experiences. You can also meet and motivate other confident women there.

Keep on shining with self-confidence. You have so much to offer.

Are you in a position of leadership, managing your own business or leading the way in your particular career? If you're not there yet you are on your way. You're probably motivated to help others, as well. We need more women like you. If you have the opportunity to build the confidence of your staff, executives or colleagues feel able to ask Confident Woman for its "Sparkling with confidence" key-note address.
Sing, dance and reward yourself for doing so well. Be proud of your self-confidence, it's beautiful. Wear a Confident Woman T-shirt with enthusiasm.

You have wonderful potential. You are already sparkling with self-confidence in many areas. Congratulations. You are enthusiastic, willing to participate, sociable and confident. This is great news.

There are many other women who lack confidence who’d love to hear what you have done to gain confidence. We encourage you to share your story and confidence techniques with all of us on our Glass Ceiling forum and our blogs "At work gaining confidence."

You are blessed with high levels of self-confidence. There are only one or two areas on the quiz where you were not fully confident, these are the areas for you to now focus on to let yourself shine fully and become a star.

If you still lack confidence when public speaking become an expert in giving confident presentations. Don’t hold back on telling others your ideas. Share your knowledge and experience with confidence. We recommend you listen to the "Confidence for women in public speaking" CDs if you have any lingering public speaking nerves at meetings, in front of an audience or when walking into a room. You have so much to offer, let yourself shine in groups and meetings.

Self-confidence can make a huge difference to your success at work. As you continue to blossom new career opportunities may open up to you. Confident Woman recommends that you prepare well for any interview that you may attend. Make sure you know how to talk about your strengths easily. Don't be like other women who fail to get new jobs because they can't sell themselves well enough. If you are being interviewed for a position you really want make the most of our Confident Woman job interview coaching.

It's a great feeling to have self-confidence. The team at Confident Woman send you warm wishes for great happiness. We are delighted to have you join us. Now you deserve to wear a Confident Woman T-shirt with pride.
Enjoy your self-confidence and share it with all you meet. We need more women like you.

You have great potential. You are already well on the way to being a fully confident woman at work, well done. There are areas where you are sparkling with confidence, taking the initiative and feeling good about yourself. This is wonderful. Keep on shining!

In the areas where you're not yet fully confident you may experience little doubts and anxieties about your abilities when networking, attending meetings or talking with authority figures. Public speaking and receiving feedback may also leave you doubting yourself. Doubt no longer!

There are many successful strategies you can use to boost your confidence. Don't only limit your self-confidence to some areas - grab hold of the whole of your life and shine with self-confidence everywhere.

We recommend you listen to the women on the "Confidence for women at work" CDs to get some extra special tips on building confidence. They cover many of the areas where self-confidence can help you be fully appreciated for the wonderful woman you really are.

You deserve to shine with self-confidence, every day, in every way. It is important for you, your work and your relationships that you keep on gaining confidence. To help you do this the team at Confident Woman has selected a collection of stories from other wonderful women to show you what else is possible. Read their stories in "Today's Confident Woman". Let them inspire you to even greater things and to leap any hurdles you face.

You have been born with gifts - your journey now is to offer these fully to the world. Don't let a lack of confidence, a low self-esteem or negativity from other people limit your true potential. At Confident Woman we know how easy it is for all of us to get dents in our self-confidence. That's why we have a very special coaching service for women, such as yourself, who are well on their way to being a confidence star and want to discover more about their full potential so they can achieve it sooner. Check it out: "The confidence to be myself".
We want you to be yourself and be your best. Let the world know just how good you really are. Shine to your fullest potential. You deserve it.

This is your time. You are on the way to becoming self-confident and now need to take some more exciting steps to get you there faster.

You may worry about what other people think of you and feel you are being judged negatively, but don't let this hold you back. If you do find that your self-confidence drops when people make negative comments or are being difficult or angry, take heart and protect yourself. You deserve better.

Here at Confident Woman we know how hard it can be to maintain self-esteem when people around you are negative so we have made a CD especially for you: "How not to be upset by difficult people". Imagine how much better you'd feel if you could shrug off other people's negativity and no longer be at their mercy. Instead, leave their negativity with them and maintain a positive self-esteem. And remember to celebrate each step of the way.

The fact that you already have self-confidence in some areas is wonderful. It means that you can keep building confidence and begin to maintain it consistently. Think how good it would feel to be able to have the self-confidence to do what you want to do and to do it well. You can. We recommend you start using Confident Woman's special confidence technique: "Snap shots of confidence".

It doesn’t matter in which area you start boosting your confidence, whether it is socialising with new people or authority figures, speaking out at meetings, handling negativity and feedback, or public speaking. Grab hold of this wonderful opportunity to move yourself to high levels of self-esteem and self-confidence.

As your self-confidence builds so can your assertion skills. We know that many women who are not yet fully confident can also hold back on speaking out. You may not speak out enough and therefore run the risk of being taken for granted or taking on too much. Keep on your guard and take care of your time, your feelings and your self-esteem.

If you and a group of women at work could benefit from being more confident and assertive, Confident Woman has a special seminar: "Confidence building assertion skills for women". It could make an enormous difference to your life.
This is your time to show the world what a wonderful woman you really are. Don't hide your light - bring out your sparkle and let yourself shine with self-confidence.

What a wonderful woman you are and yet you seem to be holding yourself back in several situations at work. Your colleagues probably have no idea just how good you really can be. You may feel shy or anxious in certain situations but at other times feel competent and good about yourself. Are you giving into self-doubt or negative thinking? Don't. It can destroy your self-confidence. You deserve much better.

Give yourself a voice, develop your self-confidence and self-esteem now. Do not wait for something good to happen, make it happen yourself. Be seen. Be heard. Succeed.

You have plenty of ways to begin your journey to building greater confidence. We recommend you start by listening to all the inspiring women on the three CD sets "Confidence for women". They will give you the key practical strategies to gain confidence and self-esteem so you can feel good at work and good about yourself. Develop self-confidence when socialising, handling feedback, attending meetings, speaking to authority figures, and when speaking in public. Let yourself shine.

You can also find lots of great confidence building tips in our blogs - do join in. We recommend you begin by reading how to develop positive thoughts and ditch negative thinking. You can add your comments and examples at the end too and get personal feedback from others. There is so much on this Confident Woman website that can help you.

If you’d like your staff or group to benefit from having positive self-esteem and self-confidence Confident Woman can conduct an excellent confidence building seminar for you.

Build self-confidence and become the wonderful woman you really are. Let yourself shine.

Let yourself shine. You have plenty of unseen potential. Now is your opportunity to boost confidence in several areas to develop it fully. Now is your time to feel better about yourself. At Confident Woman we know that a lack of confidence hurts and we have blogs on this topic especially for you.

At the moment you probably have some anxiety when interacting with others and get put-off easily by what others think of you. However, it doesn't have to stay this way.

Although both your self-confidence and self-esteem may let you down sometimes, there are many confidence techniques, anxiety management methods and self-esteem tips to ensure you do feel good about yourself. Confident Woman is here to help you build your confidence.

We recommend, that if you do feel anxious, you begin by listening to the "Happy not hassled" CDs as they contain easy-to-do exercises to reduce anxiety and help you feel relaxed and calm. All the exercises on the CDs, Rachel, the Founder of Confident Woman, has personally used to overcome panic attacks and anxiety.

Overcome any negative self-concept you might have of yourself. You deserve better. Join in our blogs on a negative self-concept and find a better one.

Consider writing a letter to your very own confidence coach and gain her personal input. Every step you take can be a step towards success and self-confidence. Start now.

Confident Woman also recommends that you join in the confidence building webinars. They are great for women like you with enormous potential to be released. They allow you to learn from your computer in the privacy of your own home or office. Even if you are shy or managing anxiety you can gain self-confidence and the skills you need easily. There is no need to travel anywhere, join in a group or participate in role-plays. You can even be present without other participants knowing.

What matters most is that you learn the skills you need to blossom fully and reach your full potential. Inside you is unlimited self-confidence. Don't hold yourself down, bring out your sparkle. We want to see you shining.