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A high self-esteem and sexy at 60

A high self-esteem is needed no matter what your age. Part of having a high self-esteem is to keep a high regard about your own sensuality and sexuality.

It's not over sexually just because you're forty, fifty or sixty. You can still be sexy at 50, 60 or 70. I have a friend who took a lover in her 70s and had a sexual liaison to rival any other.

I went to a lecture once on "Sexuality as you get older". The advice? It was simple. "Use it or lose it!" That's your vagina, I mean, girls!

With a high self-esteem you're not going to worry about comparing yourself with other women. Those days can be over. The older we get the more hang-ups we can dispose of so that we maintain a high self-esteem. You can be provocative, give a look, flaunt your body and do what you want.

Sexuality isn't just about our outward appearances either. Feeling sexy and having a high self-esteem is about a feeling.

Feel good about yourself, no matter how wrinkled you may be, how leathery your skin has become after all that Australian sun, or how much the flaps shake on your arms! Oh those wings!

Remember, laughter is sexy. Being able to laugh is crucial for all ages. Being able to laugh is vital in maintaining a high self-esteem too.

How you think and feel about yourself is what will make you sexy. What you do will help you look and feel sexy. How much love you have in your heart will keep you sexy at fifty, sixty and seventy.

Whether you have self-sex, straight sex or gay sex, be sexy with a high self-esteem.

Written by Rachel Green: Motivational Speaker | Award-winning Communication & Networking Specialist.

Rachel is the Founding Director of Confident Woman Australia and author of 20 CDs. Sign up to her free Confident Woman E-Book: Boost your self-esteem: How to look good without plastic surgery.


Copyright Confident Woman Australia 2010.
NB: This article is for your information only and does not constitute individual advice. Everyone is different. It is not provided as an alternative to obtaining professional advice from an appropriately qualified practitioner. Please seek the help you need to keep a high self-esteem.

Reader Comments (1)

Love it and remember 60 is the new 50 ;)
Fri 26 Nov, 10 at 5:34 PM | Unregistered CommenterCalmerTherapies

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