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Self-confidence for natural childbirth

Self-confidence is vital for a woman who wants to experience a natural birth.

When you become pregnant, everyone around you instantly becomes an expert on pregnancy and childbirth. Somehow the shop clerk, the lady down the road and your childless uncle, all have opinions and advice on what you should do, be, have and feel upon your journey!

The truth is, YOU are the expert on you! Sometimes what is true for you isn’t going to be true for your best friend, sister, mother or the shop clerk. Therein lies the conflict for many women.

Have the self-confidence to honour what is true for you.

Birth is a life transition that offers you the opportunity to become more of who you really are. Birth beckons you to experience your authentic self.

Three top tips to help you build your birthing self-confidence

1). Knowledge

Be discerning with the information that you feed your brain. Content can be found that supports any viewpoint. Choose models of care that embody the type of birth you want to experience. There are books, classes and websites that all provide information on a natural, active, empowered approach to birth that can help you increase your self-confidence in giving birth to your baby.
Birth classes offered by hospitals often represent the medical model of birth. If your preference is for a woman-centred birth, it may be possible to source a local alternative to hospital classes. See if you can find a great active birth class offered by an independent midwife or birth attendant/Doula in your area. Google it!
2). Support

Consciously seek out your own cheer squad that respects your vision of birth. Build up a team of support to call upon through the ups and downs of your pregnancy journey. If you wish to have a natural birth and your existing circle of family and friends don’t ‘get it’, you might find it helpful to find other people who can support you.
For example, there are professional birth attendants, called Doulas, who may be available. There are other women who have had a natural birth, either in your area or online. The Natural Homebirth support network in your state will have contacts for your area too. There are also midwives who specialise in natural birth. When you have a great support team around you self-confidence builds more easily.
3). Slow Time

I am defining ‘Slow Time’ as the time to go within and connect with your inner world. Slow time is important because it allows space for your deeper needs, desires and gifts to surface. Slow time also offers regeneration of mind, body, and soul. It allows your self-confidence to grow. Stop your time-challenged voice by taking a slow walk, or meditating, or simply sitting in a garden.

Have slow time during your pregnancy so when you give birth you are familiar  with 'being' rather than 'doing'. 'Being' energy is the launch pad for the focused surrender of birth.

Inspired birthing with self-confidence!

Written by: Melissa Prince. Bodyworker | Doula Birth Attendant | Mother of two.

Melissa helps women who value creativity and compassion to nurture themselves and gain clarity to thrive in their personal and business lives.
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Copyright Melissa Prince, 2010.
NB: Any information contained on this site is not provided as an alternative to the obtaining of medical advice from an appropriately qualified practitioner.