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Kumbirai Mpofu - Featured Woman

From Zimbabwe to the University of Sydney, Kumbirai has achieved much, in addition to having five children.

Read her story.


Magenta Potočnik - Featured Woman

Can you be yourself? Or do you try to conform? Magenta encourages you to be yourself, to let go of the opinions of others and to build your self-confidence. She dares to be different.

Read her story.


Angela Sinclair - Featured Woman

"If I had my time over I would have taken better care of myself", says Angela, after having three babies in three years, but this isn't all that you'll learn from her inspiring journey.

Read her story.


Self-confidence a record in Kalgoorlie

One hundred and fifty-eight women turned up to sparkle with self-confidence in Kalgoorlie last night. Wowee, this is a record for our community events in regional areas! How fabulous. I was stoked. Confident Woman Australia was proud to be able to help build the confidence in so many deserving women.

And what a night we had. Read all about it and see the photos.


Self-confidence flies to Sydney

What we say to ourselves can increase or diminish our self-confidence. What do you say to yourself when you are flying? When you are delayed? When you are organising a big trip? Do you keep your self-confidence or wear it away?

Read what happened to Rachel's self-confidence when she flew to Sydney, was delayed in fog, received bad news at the hotel, and then gave a keynote speech.

Self-confidence flies to Sydney.