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A lack of confidence blamed on the history of women

A lack of confidence in women can have a variety of causes. There is one cause, though, that influences a huge number of us, and that is the shocking punishments bestowed on women in the past for speaking out.

How can being punished for speaking out lead to a lack of confidence in women? Let me explain.

In earlier centuries in Britain, women were punished for speaking out in public by having a torture instrument called the Scold's Bridle locked on their head. They were then paraded through the streets to show how bad they were. No wonder a lack of confidence in speaking out, developed. If they spoke, a metal prong on the Scold's Bridle would rip their tongue to shreds.

Just as bad, the same punishment was meted out to women who spoke out against their husbands at home. Of course, there was a lack of confidence in women if they wanted to speak out and stand up for themselves. No-one would want such a shocking punishment.

Sure, you and I are no longer subjected to the Scold's Bridle, but the legacy continues. Such a history can get passed on silently from one generation to another and continue to subtly play out as a lack of confidence in women.

How has this history affected your confidence?

By knowing more about our history as women and what contributes to our insecurity in speaking out, and letting go of our history, we overcome a lack of confidence.

May your confidence grow.

Written by Rachel Green. Keynote Speaker | Director, The Emotional Intelligence Institute.

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